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Ball Capture: The Arch comes in two styles, the Perpendicular (Vertical front) and the Layback (inclined front) style. Both styles provide superior ball-capture properties, saving lost time retrieving foul balls behind the plate.

Placement/Location: Better ball capture also means that diamonds can now be placed in closer proximity to parking lots, playgrounds and buildings – making better use of limited land resources.

Unobstructed View: Coaches, players and spectators all have a clearer view of the playing field from any angle.

Designed-in Strength: The unique Arch design is engineered to withstand windloads of up to 100mph.

Fewer Climbing Accidents: The Arch is difficult to climb, discouraging kids (and adults) from trying.

Low Maintenance: The Arch is constructed of heavy gauge galvanized steel, making it virtually maintenance-free

Why install a boxy, old-style backstop when you can beautify your park, and add years of life to your field with The Arch Backstop by National Fence Systems?

Simple Assembly and Installation: The Arch is so simple to erect, no field welding is needed. Manufacturing controla assure perfect symmetry.

Quality: The Arch is completely fabricated in our state-of-the-art East Coast facility, and coated using our exclusive Kolor King ® super durable polyester powder coating system.

All materials are selected for strength, durability and the ability to withstand years of use and exposure. All pipe is schedule 40 galvanized stee as well. You won't find a better quality backstop that will outlast any backstop on the market!

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